ACF Car "Need Help with Power"

I made an awesome looking car, doesnt weigh much. it has 4 grippy tires put in huge V12 V8 and even tried V10, though even with transmsion tuning I cannot get it to go fast

First gear works like a charm, put it into secound looses a crap load of rpm, third and looses all RPM wont go The engine and tranny can support the amount of weight the wheels are the stock gmod race wheels, I ajusted weight of them and the phsics property same as all my vehicles this one has 500 parts but I made everything lighter yet it wont go for crap, Any ideas? I’ll post video of the problem in a bit.

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If you can figure out why it aint working I’ll make a car/ truck or what ever typa vehicle you want, or if you already can make vehicles then. You can have the fact that you helped someone, be happy

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Another thing I found, even in first gear it cant make it up any hill.

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I know you said you messed with gear tuning, but my first guess is that it seems like a transmission/gearing problem given the gear ratios in the video, and that the engine you’re using shouldn’t have any problem pushing a car up hill in low gear provided the wheels can get plenty of grip. If you’re losing tons of RPM and not gaining any power, maybe your gears are too long/ratios are too different between gears? You could try plugging real-world numbers into your transmission and seeing how it affects it.

I ran into the same problem when I was still into GMod, but I never was quite able to figure it out myself and never put the time in to really finely tune my gear ratios.

I put in differnt gear tunings before, this is the one Ive been able to get most speed to power ratio out of.

Any one? I have been trying to get this running for so long now.

or not

Debug the engine using the wire debugger tool and then tell me how much it weighs.


The Engine in question is putting out about 600 torque at full throttle.

Alright, well you may have multiple parts to this issue, so if you don’t mind I have a few more questions to ask.

  • Is the body parented to a gate and then the gate parented to the chassis correctly?
  • How much do the wheels weigh each?
  • What prop are you using for the chassis plate?

The answers to these questions will help me determine what exactly your issue is. But first I would start with removing weight from the tires if they weigh over 150 kg each.

— 1 What gate?
----2 The wheels weight 200 each, trying to make em lighter or heavier does nothing
----3 for the chassis plate there is just a 1x7x025 cube. It has the same chassis setup as my truck.

Usually when parenting, you put a wire gate on the base and parent the chassis to it. If you use multi-parent, you can also set the weight of all the chassis props to 0.1kg while you’re parenting - super useful for cars.

You should set your wheels to 150kg - it’ll be noticeable once you fix other issues that seem to be slowing the car down. What other physical props are adding weight?

There’s the top body, That I’ll be removing that weight using the wire gate thing, and then the tranny and engine.

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What gate do I use?

  • Any Gate, please go to youtube and find Jackpody’s parenting tutorial, make sure to tick set weight
  • 200 kg weight on the tires is too much, try 140 kg
  • You have too much drag, try using a thinner baseplate
  • Make sure your wheels are spheres or you will never get power down

I have the wheels as Soheres, I’ll try thinner base plate later and I’ll set the tire weight.

I made it weigh less
The base plate is the same size as my trucks and it gets up to 60+
Changing wheels weights do nothing
Still slower then a turtle