ACF Custom Mod

Hi, i’m Bouletmarc, I made completly the acf CUSTOM mod and I wanted to share my stuff with you.
PLEASE take note, I did NOT made ACF, so all credits goes to the original acf team. I took no credits, I’m only sharing my Mod.

I was not sure for over months about sharing this here, some’s people like it, some’s dislike, but please stay with the normal acf if you don’t like to edit anything.

My custom Mod include:
Engine Maker (can create any engines InGame)
Customizable Engines throught the menu
Somes more engines
CVT Gearbox’s, made a long time ago before the orginal acf one, and completly different end result.
Automatic Gearbox’s
Engines Chips
Vtec Chips
Nos Bottle
Help Menu
New Colorful Menu
New Textures
and lot more

for more possibility InGame, I included Karbine complete SoundPack, GM12 to GM13 Fonts, and some’s scars sounds (again credits goes to theses teams)

SVN Link :

Video (quickly old, the video are my version 3.5, now its over 7.1++):

Thank you and enjoy it !
I’m sorry to saying it again, but all credits goes to all original teams, I don’t take any credits, Only sharing stuff.

I like it, but please use correct grammar so you don’t sound like an idiot.

Well i’m not English first, so I’m sorry for any mistake, I try to do my best each time :confused:

What the hell

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You should have at least put some balance into it (specifically powerbands), you can just make hugely powerful engines at no cost, people might as well just use applytorque

Gas engines are supposed to maintain a 1.6 divisor in powerband (peakmax divided by peakmin) and 3 for diesel

The automatic gearboxes intrigue me, how do they work? I think a proper automatic gearbox should offer very smooth shifts and taking off from a standstill (torque converter) while being heavier than a standard transmission

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Also your link is broke, but this works:

I would also suggest including your mod as a true mod of ACF in regards to your SVN- only include modified files so we don’t have to download my enormous shitload of sounds repeatedly.

Now that you mention it, I’m sorry if I offended you in any way.

I agree with you Amplar, well the automatic Gearbox was a basic one, without any torque converter or something to act like a true Auto Gearbox, I’m only myself to work on that, and I also need help to improve it. The idea of puting the custom part in the original acf are pretty good, we can add a place to Active/Desactive it if you want…

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This is the website link … the addons(download) link was the link I gave. With “/trunk”

Lol @ Karbine not knowing that Github SVN links aren’t accessible in-browser and only work with an SVN client.

Anyways, this is neat. I remember several months ago you and Tony_Mul showed this to me. I remember it being a bit buggy and tricky to use, but I’m sure you’ve passed those hurdles. Well done.

I’m aware it doesn’t work in browser, but your average person who browses here doesn’t know that, that’s why I pointed it out.

Anyone who knows about SVN would’ve just plugged the link into their client and downloaded it if they were interested. Saying that the link doesn’t work and then posting another that isn’t an SVN link will confuse more people than a github link that can’t be opened in-browser.

I found a* few bugs, the icon for the menu is missing, the chips lose their Wiremod links after loading an Advanced Dupe, and this error message shows up on first load of a map:
[ERROR] addons/acf/lua/acf/client/cl_acfmenu_gui.lua:374: attempt to concatenate field ‘CurrentVersion2’ (a nil value)

  1. ACFHomeGUICreate - addons/acf/lua/acf/client/cl_acfmenu_gui.lua:374
  2. CreateAttribs - addons/acf/lua/acf/client/cl_acfmenu_gui.lua:489
    3. UpdateDisplay - addons/acf/lua/acf/client/cl_acfmenu_gui.lua:312
    4. onsuccess - addons/acf/lua/acf/client/cl_acfmenu_gui.lua:491
    5. unknown - lua/includes/modules/http.lua:34

All fixed, I get new error about “SetText”, due to the new Changelog, I’ll fix soon. Thank You

Thanks for fixing the bug with the chips and their wirelinks, now I can just spawn and drive my cars.

The missing icon bug is still there, but its minor:

As for the set text error message, its annoying, but at least it will be fixed soon.

yes i’m working hard on the SetText part, and I throw the silkicons addons in the svn a week ago, well if you copy the “materials” folder and paste it in “garrysmod” did it fixed ?
i’ma check to fix this icon bug too, i’m pretty sorry

I don’t mind the icon bug, but I did discover a new one. For some reason I can’t access anything in the ACF Menu, none of the folders open and the parts are unselectible because of it, yet anything already built still works.

Update: The addon is detecting an outdated version to the main part of itself (the base ACF part), yet the ACF Custom part says its up to date.

i fixed this by replacing “Desc )” with “Desc…”" )

I done LOT’S of update and fix’s the last few days, i worked hard on that and also added some’s new thing. It’s updated with the fuel tank sytem.

-New Temperature Mod, Engine can Heat, Blow, Loose Power
-New Fuel Tank Mod, Including Petrol94, Petrol96, VP.Racing, Plane Petrol
-Using Higher fuel make Heating faster but engine more powerful
-Using Lower fuel make engine less powerfull
-Changed a lot the base code of my custom to be updated with the new acf code “style”
-Created Help Menu for Original ACF (help with engine/gearbox)
-All engine’s or almost might require fuel
-Added consumption of the engine in the Gui
-Fixed the annoying SetText error or any other Client side error, if there other’s, let me know

I’m also working sometime on an Exhaust system Mod… where we will can spawn exhaust acf prop and link it to the engine, to make it more Loud, bit more powerful, etc … but I said “sometime” it’s possible this will never be Out too …

I’m getting a massive bug with the recent update with ACF Custom, when I try to spawn any of the custom items I get get a big red “Error” sign.

Hopefully this can be fixed soon, its making it so I can’t use any of the cars I already made or try out the new features.

you will update this for new acf version? if i use this I can’t even use normal acf

You should add intercoolers, intakes, etc. Love this mod though.

The Engine-maker appears to be broken because when ever i create an engine the setting are not saved properly. plus it spawns an error that i can not get rid of.