ACF Drama Thread - Lets talk it out, hmm?

Instead of messing up jackpody’s wip thread why not sort things out here feel free to discus and what not but, try to keep it nice?

Do you build using the wonderful acf addon but hate someone and want to get it off your chest, If so this is the thread for you, If not beware high salt levels ahead.

(User was banned for this post ("Dumb drama that doesnt need a thread" - Craptasket))

Lets talk about ACF development and not being able to take solid shits, sounds like pretty much the most relevant topic.

i want gun sizes to be fixed

I would like the crazier parts of our community to fade away and die.

Myself and two other server owners were doxxed by members of another server over, of all things, how to build and play with ACF. The best way they see to win arguments is to post personal information, as if it holds any water. I think the best course of action to functionally discuss ACF is to divorce the personal feelings from it and remove the people that are in the community that feel that people’s real lives should be brought into a conversation about a video game.

People bringing a person personal information into video game discussions to win arguments is so childish and low those typed of people should be shunned

Shunned and purged without any semblance of a safe harbor to speak of, EnterNameHere. I truly believe that people that stoop that low are dirtbags of the worst variety.

Thats quite a vague term you used there, all the parts of our community are equally crazy, I mean think about it… It’s GMod.

Who doxxed you? And why do you care about personal feelings?

We should hold meetings on a large acf servers and make list of people to shun, then we can give those list out to other owners kind of a PSA, warning them of the terrible people of the community.

There are no false equivalencies here, Kardel. You are one of the people I refer to as painfully crazy and damaging to any server community that harbors you. The very first post of this thread obliquely refers to me with the one or two pieces of information you have about me.

The Paradigm Shift (nee DildoBuildo) discord has people who use my real life name, as well as other identifying pieces of information to insult me on a regular basis. I bring it up now because, oddly enough, the people interested in riling up the community about ACF’s flaws (or how other people are building poorly/being shitters/whatever) are the same assholes that use what limited personal information they have about me against me.

I won’t speak for the other two people who were harassed by these assholes, I’ll leave that to them.

Maybe one or two talented people frequent that server w/r/t ACF coding or building that know anything about anything, but the rest of you are horrible sociopaths.

Edit: I’d ask you to to control yourself and keep it to just issues you have with ACF, but you can’t do that because you’re incapable of acting like a decent human being.

If your personal information is so important to you, why would you let it get into the hands of these savages?

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You cant really decide who is and who is not a talented builder, since you cant really build, no offence.

Are you familiar with Victim Blaming? Why should I hide most of my life from the internet because of the threat of one or two unhinged dickbags being a problem?

Why don’t you use a bit of empathy in this case - would you be perfectly fine if people knew who you were, your age, what you looked like? What if they were photoshopping you onto stuff, or using your identity on the internet? Think a bit, do you think that sort of behavior is acceptable?

edit: I don’t build exactly what you build, but seeing as I’ve been playing this game for years and made tanks back in ACF1 before your testicles dropped, let’s go with a “most likely false” on that claim.

That seems like an implication, reframe from what dox means.
People misspreading information being the common gripes. Like people implying others are shitty builders that are only there to get you. Or people witch hunting to get you banned or demoted from servers and the higher ups trusting this information because of a common bias. Dumb drama shows the incompetence of people and this thread. If you think a drama fueled community is OK, please go outside more.

Oh you mean information thats available to the public or that you yourself post and distribute either via chatting or voicechat? Thats definitely doxxing.

The only person who takes everything top-to-bottom personally and uses his own feelings as the basis of every single thing he says is you. You are not the victim, there are no victims here. The sole reason why you call me painfully crazy and damaging is because I say shit you don’t like, and suprisingly enough you take that as a personal offense.

Last but most important, something that has been bothering me for a while, we don’t have a discord. Stop trying to spin up very poorly argumentated false flag situations to make up for your non-existant arguments. Grow up god damnit.

i refrain from posting my personal information, I have 2 email one for gaming sites and stuff like that and then one for family and personal things such as paypal. It is sad they would stoop to a level as such, but its kind of like going into a yard with beware of dogs signs and complaining about getting bit, you see the internet inst a place known for its honor and respect.

I need to have a clearer definition than “looked up personal information about and spread it to other users with the express purpose of harassment?” If you’ve got better goalposts, please feel free to mention them.

I don’t understand your second paragraph.

Thats not doxxing, get it in your thick skull. Nobody accessed your information illegitimately, YOU are spreading this information without foreseeing it’s consequences, these consequences being malicious for your own being or not. I’m not telling you to not post any of your personal informations because you might get “harassed”, but rather if youre gong to do it, face the outcome. Don’t start doing shit like making up stuff to victimize yourself or say youre getting doxxed like you just did, thats plain stupid and extremely expectable in this type of situations.

Try putting any ammount of effort of reading stuff you don’t like. Don’t just flat discard it saying you “can’t understand it”. You obviously can, as you can put some effort on filling your empty comments with a million of fancy words in order to attempt to make others believe your argumentation is actually quite rich.

Sorry, but I’m going to have to move those goal posts a little bit.[/T]

I’d like to reframe to the keyword of private.

I’ve been insulted quite a lot about where I live, my age, my heritage and health problems. But I don’t care because this information I have made public myself and allow people to know it.
And if someone simply tries to use this information in an argument.
Protip:It’s not a valid argument.


Information about my real life gathered over time. This has been going on for close to, if not over, two years now. I’ve tried to wash my hands of it, but you and people like you still find it perversely funny for some reason to fuck with me this way.

I can’t think of a clearer definition of “doxxing”. Digging up “publically available” information in a bid to harass someone still is doxxing.

Considering that you’ve used personal information about me in the ACF General thread and have been banned for it, yeah, I’m going to state that this is a feeling thing rather than a logic thing. Why would you bring up my issues other than to bully me into silence? You’re a scumbag.

It may not be related to PS itself, but a lot of PS dudes hang out there quite often. People send me messages from time to time. You keep chatlogs that are two years old, you have photoshopped pictures of me.

You ask me to grow up, but you’re the one pursuing a silly vendetta over a video game, attempting to smack me down with what little information you have about my real life.

The internet should not be an innately hostile place. The people who strive to make it that way are people who should be shunned from the community as a whole.

You are correct my friend, it shouldn’t be a hostile place i dream of a world were everyone can be them selves and be accepted but sadly theres only so much that can be done and there so many horrible people, nowadays its hard to keep up.

not a valid argument, but still a scummy thing to do.

let’s move those goalposts a bit more:

Researching social media websites and accessing “public” information is still doxxing. It still doesn’t make what they’re doing right in any way, shape or form.

Lurking in a discord or on a gmod server with an alt to cherrypick quotes would fall under social engineering.