ACF Education - I will hold "classes" in GMod to teach people

I figured only so much can be taught through a tutorial, text or video, so I felt teaching people directly would be pretty efficient.

Armored Combat Framework is a combat addon for GMod that simulates real world ballistics for armored warfare. It is rather complex in its use.

If enough people want to apply (and are SERIOUS ABOUT ATTENDING), I can get this rolling. This will be like a real education, minus the diploma. Your only accomplishment will be proficiency in the use of Armored Combat Framework and all methods of construction that surround it.

Here’s how it will work:

There will be 1 week of schooling, with 3 classes per week. Depending on how I get my course planned out, they may range from 30 minutes to one hour.

You will be tested, quizzed, and graded. Like real school, you will be expected to take notes, if you need to. (We can use expression 2 commenting to save data or you can actually use a pencil and paper. How droll.)

You won’t lose anything if you fail the class other than knowledge.

We will be using a map called gm_welovelearning. The course will include:

-What is ACF
-How ACF works
-Introductory knowledge of armored warfare & general mechanics of mobility (engines and transmissions)
-ACF rules
-Building with and for ACF
-Dos and Don’ts
-ACF troubleshooting
-Management of ACF for server owners

I can teach 6 applicants at one time, and will host two classes per day, so a total of 12 people will be inducted. A prerequisite would be basic knowledge of the use of wiremod, expression2, and general building skills (use of parenting, axising, adv ballsocket, etc). I cannot devote time to teaching people how to gmod when I am trying to teach a combat system. I will though, be teaching how to build with ACF.

I know this is all very nerdy and strange, but it will be fun. Those interested in applying, say so here.

Applicants (will be added in the order of people posting in thread):
-General Wrex

Reserve (And for next class series)

OIFY is attacking this thread, disregard ratings This is the IP of the server for the classes. The password will be ACF.

Sounds nice, but I doubt I’d be able to make it. Have you considered doing something of the sort during the Summer?

i wouldn’t mind a bit of a helping hand with the engine/drivetrain shit.

as for the rest, no.

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Seems interesting, might apply

good luck :v:


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what is acf

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I’d much rather play with like-minded people and develop big wire/build contraptions. But good initiative, I know some people know fuck-all about doing stuff in Gmod so I’m sure people would be up for this.

Garry’s mod school classes? I like it! :v:
I’ll do better in this class than in my math class.

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Karbine can I be the cool kid who sits in the back of the classroom and wears shades and shoots spitballs at the blackboard???

With ACF the more length of the bullet = more damage?


Are we talking about the advanced combat framework?
I am confused

If we are, then I am in

I’d like to attend classes, but living in EU I doubt make to classes in time. Take me in, I’ll try my best to come to classes.

Sign me up Amp, i know the basic’s of ACF wich is applied to my tanks but i bet there’s alot more to learn then simple gun to ammo wiring.

I honestly wouldn’t mind this. Would give me a chance to catch up on the latest and greatest of GMod. I’ll wait till we see how many people will be making classes, but if there is an extra slot, I’d happily sign up.

Count me in. I would love to know how to play with ACF and tanks like you do on your videos. There is only a one question: Near which hours you could do the teaching? (Your 6 PM is 2 AM for me, but late hours aren’t a problem for me.)

classes would probably be in the evening, around that time.

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ok, added applicants to the roster. we’re at 7 people now. if we can get at least 3 more, I can host two classes and get this rolling.