ACF General Thread

This thread is for posting of ACF beta content, and general ACF chat.

Problems? Ideas? Gripes? Put 'em here.
Kafouille's been gone, and he's the only one who can update the svn- so this thread will be used to post ACF releases that are in need of release. This will also be used to post beta content, things that need to be tested, or are incomplete.
For those of you who don't know what ACF is, ACF stands for Armored Combat Framework. It is a mod that adds a realistic simulation of ballistics and drivetrains for GMod.
You can find the official Github here:
Beta download links:
[Subrev 1](
Kafouille - Main author (semi-defunct)
Sestze - Coder (defunct?)
Wrex - Coder (defunct)
Fervidusletum - Contributor (Code)
Lazermaniac - Modeller
Gamerpaddy - Modeller (defunct)
Vii - Modeller (defunct?)
Winston - Modeller
Tweak - SVN Operator
Karbine - Sound/balance
ACF is in dire need of coders! There are a lot of things that are broken and need fixing, specifically with ACF damage. If you're interested, please post! Karbine may be willing to pay for coders.
**ACF SubRev 1:**
Engines/Gearbox overall changes:

-Added 3 “special” engines, these engines are unique but are balanced to engines of their own class:
2.9L v8: Racing engine, very high revving, little torque. the 5.7L v8 makes less horsepower but produces more torque and a more usable powerband.
13L V12: a counterpart to the 9.2L v12 diesel more suited for truck/combat use. It has more torque than the 7L v12 but less horsepower.
2L 4: A supercharged, high revving performance engine. It makes more horsepower than the 3.7L 4 but suffers in torque.

-Added Rotary engines (these are currently awaiting a model and utilize an electric motor model temporarily).
-All engine weights revamped and based on torque produced
-TC/Diff torque ratings increased very high to compensate for torque multiplication
-Medium gearbox torque rating changed from 1900 > 1700 so almost all large engines require large gearbox. (You should always make sure there's about 200nm clearance between the engine's torque produced and the gearbox's rating  or the gearbox will slip).

-New sounds for:
18.0 V8
4.8 I6
9.2 V12
3.8 R7
11.0 R7
1.4 B4
1.5 I4
7.8 V8
23.0 V12
3.0 I6

Fixed sounds for:
3.6 V6
20.0 I6
Engine Balance changes:
3.2l 4 288hp > 240hp 375nm > 315nm
4.8l 6 324hp > 315hp 400nm > 450nm
6.5l 6 273hp > 269hp 550nm > 650nm
9.2l 12 440hp > 398hp 1000nm > 860nm
Combat changes:
-HMGs rebalanced, they are significantly lighter with lower rates of fire, increased magazines for 20mm and 30mm
-Included a library of sounds for tanks, aircraft, and general vehicles (everything from tire noises to horns to starter sounds)
Next patch (this will probably be very soon, and most of is done already)
-Linux compatibility

Good shit. Can we get a 122mm howitzer going? or a 60mm mortar?

^It’d be nice to have intermediate calibers. I’ve been itching for a 90mm to slap on to my ELC.

Call me a dumb noob here but, how do you use the ACF guns? I link a gun to an ammo box with the correct ammo, and wire mouse1 on an adv pod controller to fire and r to reload, etc but it does nothing. Is there something else i have to do first?

Forgot to wire the Active input on the ammo.

wire active on the ammo box to a constant value of 1
damnit ninja’d


Is there anyway it could be possible not to have ammo crates explode when not active? People like to spam then in excess and I wish there was a way to either dumb that down or deactivate it.

Edit: Also if theres anyway if the particle effects always matched the actual damage radius.

No. Because they’re ammo racks.

Can anyone upload the beta to another mirror? I can’t seem to download it.

I must say that ACF is by far the best prop damage system on Garry’s Mod. Still, it could use some changes. I would recommend putting a cap on the maximum armor a prop can have. People can exploit small props with high weight to create nearly invincible vehicles.

Im trying to make a missile. Does anyone know of the best gun/ammo combination to detonate its ammo the quickest?

Would be awesome if ACF had Railguns.

Didn’t change anything. I hear a reload sound but it does not fire. My version of ACF is up to date.

It would be nice to see forced induction, as there have been some times when I wished the small I4 diesels were turbocharged.

Missiles/bombs, Turbochargers/superchargers(both would behave differently as in real life), and more stuff in general

By the way, I think you can use git hub to create a new branch of the project that you will be able to use as an svn link. (I think it’s called forking)

At least, I think so. It would make it easier for updates and for contributions.

I’m not really defunct or unreachable or anything, nobody just doesn’t tell me anything, lol. If theres still some models that need to get done i wouldn’t mind knowing.

I’ve made a fork here:
SVN: (copy/paste into svn, won’t work in browser!)
Changes so far are full Linux compatibility and a couple fixes on engines and gearboxes. I’m focusing mostly on bugfixes rather than changing/adding functionality

Any way to get us some Missle launchers? I think we had them before, but where cut due to Balance Issues, Only reason I mention it is, Building Mechs is only as fun as having some RAC’s and Auttoloaders, I’m really just running out of Weaponry to mount