ACF New Upcoming Campain (Alien Swarm)

Hello facepunch!

I’m happy to announce that I’m working on an Alien Swarm campaign.

Campaign maps
1 - Lobby
2 - Personal Quarters
3 - Alien Containment
4 - Dig out
5 - Hive

So far I’ve only gotten as far as the beginning for the lobby map

The meaning of this thread is not only to explain how this campaign will work and how you have to play to be able to win but also because I will take requests on what you would like me to add.

The first thing I’d like everyone that wants to request anything is that this map is going to be incredibly hard but the danger is not mainly going to be aliens.

I’d like to put the players in a position where they has to sacrifice one thing to gain another i.e. maybe an access bridge doesn’t have enough power to give the marines access to the area they need to go to in order to finish the map so either they chose a different path which has other dangerous stuff or they choose to draw power from the lights in the station to give the access bridge enough power to give the marines access to where they wants to go but they’ll have to fight aliens in total darkness.

I’d also like to make the players encounter other things than aliens… Let’s say that there’s a place where the floor has been destroyed and all you can walk on is iron beams… Meanwhile doing your best not to fall off of these iron beams there’s aliens shooting goo at you or whatever…

I’d like this campaign to be super hard but not impossible.

Loved. I think you have to ask on to add this campagin to the ones which give exp when it is done.

When I was reading that i thought of maybe a map that forces players to sacrifice themselves to open doors for your teammates

It’s an interesting idea…

As soon as I read your post I got an idea on how this should work out!



Got any requests?

Add more detail the the area by the dead body pile. It’s rather bland and empty at the moment.

I have an idea:

The place where the squad gets divided in two parts. It happens like that

Troops enter a big room with two consoles oposite eachother near the walls. Some bugs come, not much, but enough to get the troops carefull. Two guys step to the consoles and i think two will protect them. Consoles are needed to do something important. Then, the guys entering consoles find out it takes time to do something in it (like with the critical data). Then a door in the center of the room closes, deviding the squad in two parts (aka security system detected the attempt to hack). Other doors close too. Then there are two pannels techs can use to open the doors, which were closed. The pannels for techs are in the both parts of the hall and they are like the doors in the start of the Landing bay mission, connected. No matter in which part tech is, he can open the new doors. Then squad proceeds divided and finally parts of the squad meet eachother (or not if one part was killed).

Something like that :v:

Yeah, my level starts with players having to find each other and come together.