ACF server physics

I’ve not really found anything on this elsewhere, so I finally came here.

I’ve for awhile worked with GMod servers, and this has become an issue I run into with ACF servers. While I can get the whole server set up, I run into an issue where I cannot get the server physics settings correct. Effectively this problem renders ACF fin planes useless.

When I input the settings, anything with fin acts like it has no fin or can barely fly at all. If a fin plane can fly, it flies extremely slow.

Would anyone know what is wrong in the physics settings of the server that would cause this?

Are you changing the fins properties in the tool? Simply applying a fin will not work. Add more efficiency, change the fin mode, etc.

The problem happens with fin planes built on other servers. They work fine everywhere but servers I build and I don’t know why

many servers increase the physics settings (max speed, max rotational speed etc.)

but dont go too high, angular velocity over 8450 caused spazzing on my server, but it may or may not on yours

some also use addons to decrease the drag of props, which is useful since source applies drag to all props regardless where they are.