This is a pretty generic ACF help thread…
I’ve downloaded it properly… The Tortoise for the common link provided (by this of course I mean the one everyone is using, the one with a fucking terabyte of custom, useless sounds, and I got it into my addons folder (Haven’t messed with the scripts and particles yet) and simply when I play Gmod, ACF isn’t anywhere.
No sign of it.

Help please?
Trying downloading it to common Gmod now, may work.
Edit: Nah, didn’t work.
It said something about decompression failing and all I have now is ACF folders in my addons, but no actual ACF content.
Basically if I spawn anything it is just a big error and is undeletable.
Still need help.

common/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons is the correct location. (username)/garrysmod is deprecated.

Every time I try to download it, I get a comment in my SVN download bout something failing, (This instance it was something about decompression failing)
Now I just have ACF menus but no working content. All errors. Appears it didn’t download any props. ALso, when I update, it says it has a tree conflict.
EDIT: Continuous perseverance and googling has lead me to believe my 1.6 something version of tortoise is way too out of date. Sooooo I’m updating to 1.8 to see if that solves it.