ACH, bloody hell; Using Paint on Model causes game to crash

Hey y’all, I’m in a bit of a pickle here.

So I downloaded the Pony Model Pack…

Still here? Good
…I downloaded them for the purpose of making a movie where they’re basically beaten to a pulp in slo-mo action movie cliche glory.

PROBLEM IS, if you’re going to kill something, you’re gonna want blood, and LOTS of it, right?

So that’s exactly what I thought when I tried to put some blood on a pony with the paint tool.
The game crashed.
So apparently trying to paint the models makes the game crash.

I’m gonna need to put blood on these things, so what I’m asking, if not begging, someone to do, is to tell me how to fix this, or better, perhaps make a fix themselves?

Many thanks!

You can’t paint blood on them, it’s something to do with how the model is made. Something to do with optimising or something.

Ask Oogaboogaman, he knows. Afterall he is the maker of the models.

I’m not sure this fellow will appreciate me asking him to make it so I can spray his ponies with blood…

I think he’s inbetween all the Brony and Pony stuff… I think he won’t mind, afterall it’s what the ragdolls are for aren’t they? messing around with.

If it doesn’t work out, I’d say let them fall into a pit of lava or something or maybe an off-screen death or something for the video, then again, I’ve never been good with making GMod related videos.

Just photoshop in the blood.

  1. I don’t own photoshop
  2. That would look awful.

Then put another ragdoll on where you are going to spray paint, cover it with blood then put it on the Pony.

Not a bad idea, but I’m pretty sure paint on models made invisible with the color tool don’t show up.

It turns invisible, Yes.

You can shoot the ragdolls, as in, shoot them with a weapon and blood comes out. It’s the only known way of getting blood on them.

Contacted Oogaboogaman, who politely told me he had no plans to completely redo the models, which was necessary to fix the problem.

My next question is: is there a console command that will increase the amount of blood splatter from a ragdoll? Because when I hit a ragdoll too many times, most of the blood disappears…

Something with decals.

And you are able to change it in the settings menu too.