aChat - Simple chatbox replacement.


Version 1.3 Is out, please remove older versions and use 1.3

What is it?
aChat is a ChatBox replacement that can be used Serverside or Clientside.
It can be customized by typing **


** into console.

What’s wrong with the old chatbox?
Nothing… I wanted to release a dumbed down version of my chatbox used in Anarchy.

Pics… Although you all know what a chatbox looks like.

Stuff to do with it:
As this uses markup.Parse it supports:
<color=R,G,B,A>Text Here
<font=fontname>Text Here
Player names are a gsubed to remove these so they don’t break it but they are usable in text.

<color=255,0,0,255>Red Text Prints your text in red.
<color=red>Red Text Also prints your text in red.

I’ve also taken the liberty to overwrite chat.AddText to work with the markup.Parse guidelines.



Changes v1.3:

[Changed] Fade speed, Now 3 times faster.
[Added] Fadding text.
[Added] Single line adding.
[Fixed] Up and Down arrows not dissapearing.
[Added] Team Chat Support.
[Added] achat_enabled 1/0 console command.

Please inform me of any errors… or things you’d like added.
No emoticons… this isn’t IM this is a fucking chatbox.


Nice work! (:

Nice work mate, I will check it out later on tonight. :slight_smile:

Only bug I just found is it doesn’t like to work when the gmod camera is out… it pops up but does nothing… I’ll fix it soon. So it doesn’t show at all when camera is out.

Wow nice :wink: Thanks

Does this support/show team chat?

Does this support text selection?

I don’t like how long it takes to open/close the chatbox, and when it’s closed the up and down arrows are visible. And the text never goes away which would bug me.

No it doesn’t but I will add that in, thanks.

Would you like it to open and close instantly instead of fading? I’ll make the arrows not show when it’s closed and I’ll make the text fade. thanks.

In my opinion, either make the chatbox instantly appear and fade or take a second or do something like the source chatbox. That would be nice.

Alright text now fades away, Chatbox also fades twice the speed. The arrows dissapear when the box is gone.

Still working on Text selection CapsAdmin.

Uploading now.


Done, see OP, Please remove older versions.

Can you add (TEAM) chat support?

Will do right now, will upload in 5mins


New download up, check op…

achat_enabled 1/0 turns it (1) on and (0) off.
Support for team chat is there. And prettied up the dead chat a bit.

Is achat_enabled a server-side cvar? If not, can you upload another version without that, or tell me what code to delete? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, mind moving the chat box up a little?

It’s a clientside cVar as this can be used clientside by itself as well.
Just go through everything that has aChat.Var:GetInt() == 1 and remove it all.

What’s wrong with the position its in?
It’s not hard to find how to reposition it either.

For new scripters it is.

Also, Nice job so far :buddy:

Oh my god, I’m in love.


i love it :slight_smile: THnxxx <3

Cheers dude.