Acheivement question. (I have some acheivements i shouldnt have.)

Hello, I just have a quick question about achievements,
Because i haven’t been playing for a while.

So the story goes something like this:
I start up Garrysmod with a error: gameinfo.txt is in wrong format. I solved that error pretty quick. But then later i check my acheivements and i see this:

I played on the same server as Garry? Wow cool.
Then i noticed i also had the Secret Phrase Acheivement.
Some quick googling and i found out the secret phrase, and I’m pretty sure i haven’t said it.

Anyone have any clue to what this might be? Do anyone have the same “bug” as me?

Thanks in advance.

yes, i do. excactly what happened for me. in steam, and in my community page, only the ones i really unlocked show up, but in gmod itself, it shows more…around 11, too, i think. and im really new to gmod, so i havent played with garry, said any secret phrases, not even done a half-marathon…

Same thing for me.

Though if anyone wants the secret phrase, say “rusty bullet hole” in a server.

Had some random guy come into my server (which I intended to be a LAN, but I forgot to check the LAN option), say it, unlock the achievement, and leave.

I see. I will check my community page right away. I’m not new to garrysmod, but I’m pretty sure i haven’t played with him. (I never win shit irl.)

EDIT: I checked my community page, great… I only have 4 achievements. Well thanks for helping me :). Odd that i do not have the 24hour one, considering i played gmod for 167 hours according to steam.

One time some server forced everyone to say “rusty bullet hole”.

A lot of people got the achievement. :psyduck:

when i open achievement how come the picture didn’t show up

I think I did that once.

ulx cexec * say rusty bullet hole

Garry should make the secret phrase a 1-week autobanword.