[Achieve Gaming] - 24/7 RP, FastDL, Custom - darkrp on rp_c18_v1


Currently hosting a darkrp server on c18_v1 for two days now and well the server doesn’t get to many people so I decided to advertise it.

There is NO phx/wire.

Two days isn’t that long.

c18 is a bad choice for DarkRP imo.

What map then?

Downtown, Hometown, Omgcity,Eevocity…Anything what represents real life.

Wanksta, customize the damn gamemode, shared, addshipments, langauge_sh, and main.lua, if not, then you’re not worthy of calling yourself a roleplayer.

Don’t use DarkRP (Theres already a bunch)

What do you mean by that? It has extra jobs and not just the common stupid hitman ones. I also made a donator only system.

List the perks for donating.

Get rid of the shitty DarkRP.

Get rid of the shitty elitism.

Get rid of yourself.