Achievement icons changed. How?

My Gmod achievement icons have changed to what look like random images, such as the the Left 4 dead ‘4’ or the Pyro wearing his Firefighter helmet.
It’s probably included in an addon, but where can i delete these files? In the ‘cfg’ folder? I’m sure it’s like having a custom model in TF2. Just delete the models folder, and everything is back to default.

Im sure its the common bug where you see the icons as avatars from your friends list.

Kind of stupid, that

Well, makes sense. Some are avatars that my friends have, but could the ‘4’ come from my games list, and where would the Pyro come from if it isn’t in my games list or as a friends’s avatar?

Yeah, it happens with all Source games. I get some random ass images with TF2 achievements (including “Awesome”).

Confused me at first on GMod though. “WTF, Garry, why did you make the icons ANIME?” Then I realized they were the exact same avas some of my friends were using at the time (I have no issues with them being anime watchers, but I was mildly pissed when I saw “Garry” (NOTE THE QUOTES) put in anime icons where they just won’t work.)

I noticed that when the icons were messed the achievement stats wouldn’t update. D: But now there is no picture and it shows the little icon missing icon but the stats update now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the same problem exccept the avatars wernt the image in question, alx look like a prune, the skybox had killl me all over it and my freinds didn’t know what was happening. It was a simple addon collision for me ( it can happen, 2 addons conflicting)