Achievement ideas for S&box

Post here any achievement idea, these are currently all achievements on Garry’s Mod and their current percentage:

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  • Play Multiplayer 88.1%
    Play multiplayer at least once

  • Play Around 82.9%
    Play a gamemode that isn’t sandbox

  • Play Singleplayer 78.6%
    Play a singleplayer at least once

  • Bad Coder 49.9%
    Experience 500 Lua programming errors

  • Map Loader 42.8%
    Play 20 different maps

  • One Day 33.2%
    24 hours of your life wasted

  • Procreator 22.9%
    Spawn 1000 NPCs

  • Half Marathon 18.4%
    Play on the same server & map for 4 hours

  • Ball Eater 14.1%
    Eat 200 balls

  • War Zone 13.1%
    Killed 1000 Baddies

  • One Week 11.4%
    One whole week of your life wasted

  • Marathon 11.0%
    Play on the same server & map for 8 hours

  • Bad Friend 6.9%
    Kill 1000 friendly NPCs

  • Secret Phrase 6.7%
    Say the secret phrase

  • Innocent Bystander 5.8%
    Kill 1000 innocent animals

  • Creator 5.6%
    Spawn 5000 props

  • One Month 4.5%
    One whole month of your life wasted

  • Popper 4.2%
    Burst 1000 balloons

  • Startup Millenium 3.6%
    Start Garry’s Mod 1000 times

  • Dollhouse 3.5%
    Spawn 2000 ragdolls

  • Friendly 3.2%
    Play with 10 friends

  • Destroyer 3.1%
    Remove 5000 things

  • Menu User 3.1%
    Open the spawnmenu 100,000 times

  • Yes, I am the real garry! 3.0%
    Play on the same server as garry

  • 10 Thumbs 2.8%
    Your Workshop uploads got 10 thumbs

  • Addict 2.5%
    You have waster a year of your life playing GMod!

  • 100 Thumbs 2.5%
    Your workshop uploads got 100 thumbs

  • 1000 Thumbs 2.5%
    Your Workshop uploads got 1000 thumbs

  • Mega Upload 2.4%
    Get 1000 thumbs on a single upload (then go to jail)

Personally I have achieved all of them for the exception of the “Addict” achievement, not sure if I will ever play gmod for the remaining 3000 hours that I’m missing.

Also it’s pretty obvious that exactly 2.4% of players cheated them in, no way there are more people with the “Yes, I am the real Garry” achievement than the “10 Thumbs” one.

Anyways, here are some of my ideas:

  • Handyman
    Use every tool at least once

  • Ragequit
    Leave a server within 10 seconds of dying

  • There’s got to be a better way…
    Spam the undo button at least 6 times in a second

  • Aim for the trees
    Survive a fall with less than 10HP left

  • Timbeeer!
    Unfreeze 30 props at once

  • I’m fast as fuck boii
    Reach 100 km/h

  • Mingebag
    Kill 10 other players with props

  • Whatever…
    Get banned from a server

  • Revenge
    Cause a server you’ve previously been banned from to crash

  • Variety is the spice of life
    Play 10 different gamemodes

  • Cartographer
    Load up 25 different maps

  • Baby steps
    Have a local addon cause an error

  • Party time/House party
    Get someone to join your listen server

  • Good shot
    Get at least 100 headshots on npcs/players
  • Yes, I am the real terry!
    Spawn the terry model 500 times
  • Modder
    Load up the workshop creator

I wanted to avoid ones like this because it would encourage/force people to break rules. Also the last one is impossible to detect.

EDIT: I realized that it’s a joke haha oops r/woooosh


God please no.

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Garry Newman :money_mouth_face:
zashol kvam on the server

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I’d definetely like to see the old thumbs up and playtime achievements return.

They’re not hard to get, barring some of the thumbs one, but they’re a nice metric to have.

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Achievements encouraging players to play a variety of gamemodes/servers and ones that encourage getting into development are the way to go.



  • Exterminator
    Crash game.
  • Little bird
    Die by falling from a very great height.
  • The kiss of death
    Kill another person after you yourself have died.
  • Friendly neighbor
    Join some people through matchmaking twenty times.
  • Christmas
    Play S&box on christmas
    Play S&box during the spooky month
  • Meta
    Play Sandbox In S&box
    Get a shader error
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something like

  • The start of something great
    (maybe something like making a gamemode, script or anything like that, doesnt matter how awful they are, everyone starts somewhere dont they?)

  • The world is now within my hands
    making your very own first map.

just some stuff to encourage people to make stuff you know.

  • No, he is not the real garry.
    Play on the same server as a player named garry (not that one)
  • "I just wanna tell you both good luck, we are all counting on you"
    Land without dying while moving faster than 100km/h
  • Toiled Humor
    Get killed by a toilet
  • "He is the one"
    Open the debug panel
  • Ow My Balls!
    Spawn 10 ball props one after the other without undo’ing them.
  • A Slap In The Face
    Kill someone with a fish.
    (yes we’d need a fish melee weapon for this one but it’s worth it garry)
  • Biggest Baby
    Use a prop scale modifier tool on a baby prop, on its max settings. (we need this)
  • Five more minutes
    Be in the loading screen of joining a server for X (let’s say 15) minutes.
  • The Nomad
    Join 10 different servers in one day.
  • Tech Expert
    Open your console and type a working command
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  • Shit
    Spawn a shit (we need this)
  • Large baby
    Use a prop scale modifier tool on a baby prop on 1,337x scale
  • H4x0r
    Hack a server
  • Discord Moderator
    Get a 13 year old to join on your Discord server (we probably need the discord API for this)
  • Fricking Epic
    Spawn 200 props
  • Pro-grammer
    Open the console
  • Fuck you!!!
    Kill someone and then teabag them (we need this)

this is utterly dreadful


Yea, we need this af :poop:

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These are actually really creative. Some.


Wrong game
Punch a tree
Content Connoisseur
Subscribe to 10 addons
Addon addict
Subscribe to 100 addons
Addon Admirer
Like 10 addons
Adding to the additions
Upload/publish an addon
Fan boy
Own Rust on Steam
Super Fan
Own Garry’s Mod on Steam
Play the default gamemode
A whole new world!
Play a gamemode that isn’t sandbox
Play on a server with a friend
Pop 100 balloons
We know
Kill a friendly NPC.
Like your own workshop addon/upload