Achievement Unlocked: Pyromancer

Do 1 000 000 points of total fire damage.
The lighting is kinda harsh, i know, no excuses.

Another one of the Badass Pyro Series.
Hope it will get more than 2 replies.
I am looking at YOU, My last thread!

The flames are a little bit weird on the helmet because they are so small.
it would be just a little flicker not a mini brush fire

good stuff, good stuff

That is actually the first badass picture of the Pyro I have ever seen.

Also your wish is granted, you have a 3rd reply.

FUCK :ninja: round here.

@Back_Slash Yeah, just noticed it looks kinda weird, thanks for commenting.
@H3llfire741 :-* Thanks
@Scythex Thanks :smiley:

pretty impressive man.

Thanks. Have a Heart.

Oh, gawsh :slight_smile:

Good editing and all, but you gotta try something other than pyros standing around.

Yeah, i promised myself i won’t do another pyro this time.
Maybe next time.

Thanks for comment!

I just got this achievement today.
Picture looks cool, I actually like the lighting.

Congratz, and thanks!

What I said on DA.

Thanks again :wink:


Nice flames bro.

His eyes should be glowing.

fuckity fuckin hell!

Thanks all!

Awesome rimlighting is awesome.