Achievements disabled

When ever I look in the Garry’s Mod console, it prints out

Achievements disabled: Steam not running

, how can I fix it?

Buy the game and run it with Steam?

I have the game running in STEAM mode and it isn’t working.

What’s your steam id?

That’s quite the jump to conclusions, considering all that has to happen for this message to appear is as benign as not being connected to the internet or starting Steam in offline mode.

Oh that was the problem, I wasn’t connected to the internet, didn’t notice lol. Is there any way I can still do things such as getting achievements and access the workshop I’m offline on steam? My internet is going slow so it’s having trouble connecting to the steam servers, workshop, etc.

I’m not sure, but your achievements might unlock the next time you go online. As for the workshop, you need the internet. Can’t download things without the internet.

You need internet for Workshop, Achivements etc, since the achivements get synced with the Steam Servers, so they actually show up, because they are saved on their servers. Same for workshop, to download/rate addons, you need to be connected to the network, and allow Gmod outbound & inbound connection, same for steam.

No one else is suspicious how he never provided his steam ID and then provided an excuse that falls a little flat?

I didn’t make an excuse I just didn’t know I was connected to the internet, it was just a mistake.

Well i mean, this guy was permabanned for pirating back in June 2016, and asking several times how to download steam things without steam so, i dont know doesnt seem suspicious at all.

Well I’ve been unpermabanned 3 times so I think I should be fine. I already got the help I needed so…