Achievements not working

The one month achievement, the half marathon and the marathon achievements doesn’t seem to be working. I have 1308 hours of play(1308/24 = 54 days) which is more than 1 month but I don’t have the achievement. Also, the marathon and half-marathon doesn’t seem to be working either because I have played on servers for 8+ hours and haven’t got it.

One Month achievement only counts hours when you’re actually inside a server, it doesn’t count any sort of time in the main menu.

The marathon achievements must be done with no map changes/restarts too.

Anyone correct me if I’m wrong.

Does singleplayer also counts towards the One Month? Because I am pretty sure I have not idled for 24 days in gmod menu…

I’m not sure to be honest, I would assume it would since it essentially creates a listen server.