Hello, i did play Garry’s Mod today,
I was on a server 4 hours and 3 Minutes.
then i was need to left the game and i never got the Half Marathon Achievements
Why not?

This achievement might need to be done on a multiplayer game.

i was on a Multiplayer server :S

i was on this server:

that server

Perhaps sv_cheats was on or something, I seem to remember that disabled addons.

Okey. but when i play ingame and press on Achievements its come up that i got it and that i played with garry and all that WHATS HAPPEND :open_mouth:

Er, then whats the problem?

If the map ever changed that means the time you had before is restarted.

No it wasnt :confused: it was gm_construct all the time

Random glitch, instead of giving you the marathon achivement it gave you the “play with garry” achivement

LUA cockup?

You lucky bugger.

when i press achievements it says unknown command menu_achievements, look at my fp thread:

I can take picture with the achievements ingame, its weird :S
but i just got play with garry ingame but not when i look on ma steam community :s



Lol xD

It has to be on the same map the whole time.

I was on same map in 4 hours and 3 minutes :confused: idk


Here its 1 picture when i got Marathon and play with garry.
its really weird 0,o


Its a picture !


Picture with the Achievements ;S

my problem was that never got the Half Marathon but onthis i got Marathon :S

Glitch’d! Lucky…

It’ll be fine. You’ll just have to try again.

PEOPLE. the Achievement “Yesm I am the Real Garry” Is Glitched.

(Check Steam to see the Legitimate achievements)

I like the glitch xD :slight_smile: but if its show that i got all thoose achivements ingame i maybe not get it in the community? :open_mouth:


Oh okey.