Achivments problem

I have a problem in gmod.there is something wrong with achivment’s picture 0.o.They are all so im just gona post a picture˙(sry fore the bad quality)

in the firts picture there is ummm… like a human robot
in second there is desert eagle
in third there is a desert eagle too, but with bad quality
and in the last one there are 2 characters in simpsons fu**king 0.o

so if any of you guys know what is the problem please tell me.

P.S:i’m not that good in english :smiley:

Nice Pho’Shoppin, enjoy your vacation for the dancing Simpsons.

Edited: just to make it clear. You Photoshopping skills sock.

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Ignore the above guy.

This bug happens with TF2 as well. Some of the icons can get swapped around completely and utterly randomly. If it happens in Garry’s Mod as well then indeed this is a bug with the achievements, Valve has made.

so what should i do?

Garry is already aware of this. He will probably fix it when he knows what is going wrong. It’s not really a big problem.

I think it’s getting confused and it’s showing you what people in servers you joined had for steam community avatars.

thanks fore the help.I hope garry will wind a solution :slight_smile:

I’ve had this same problem multiple times. The first time, uninstalling/reinstalling gmod fixed it, but that isn’t working this time. How long til garry fixes it?