Achtung,Panzer! (A short comic)

Basically I made this to practice my comic-making and to try some experimental comic layouts which I never attempted before. Don’t be mistaken though,I did put effort into this comic even if it was just practice.
Special thanks to: RoblixWW2 for support on Steam.

Well, for a practice it is okay i guess. The comic itself was kind of… disappointing.

Disappointing? How so?

I just love the name “Hans”. btw I like the comic too, keep it up, comrade!

it’s good but it dose seem a little to short maybe have the victorious tank drive past the loser and away over the hill or some thing to indicate this is the end.

what you have at the moment just seems to end mid fight like some one pulled the plug on the tv during a movie

The comic is unrealistic to be honest, a T34 could never destroy a Tiger with one hit, not even on a distance like that, it would more like be the opposite of how it is portrayed here.

It’s comic. A comic by LuaHelper, there can be everything, there can be everything real, lol.

Pretty sure this is a WoT joke.

Funny how Shermans have managed to take out Tigers with one shot. Never say never.

I thought this was funny, the part where the bullet just ricochet off the tank made me giggle.

Joke could have been delivered better, but. All in all, pretty funny. Keep it up.

if you listened to the stories they landed lucky shots in the side and back of the tank.
but i agree with jonoporter, something like that wouldn’t happen but the comic itself is great

Why is the driver giving commands

There’s even a story about a greyhound that took out a Tiger. I’m quite sure that a Sherman or Greyhound aiming for the side at point blank range could take one out.

I’m guessing that the tiger’s gun not penetrating the T-34 is a joke? Cuz, at point blank range a Tiger could easily do it.

Like Novangel said,I was pointing fun at World of Tanks. It takes about 3 hits to a T-34 from a Tiger to fully destroy it. No realism intended here :slight_smile:

The Tiger’s weakest point is the joint connecting the turret and the body. Theres reports and “stories” of Canadians scoring such lucky shots in shermans.

What’s that freaky little red blur?

The tank is a T34/85, which could in fact penetrate the hull of a Tiger at up to 200 meters in range. Considering this is point blank, it’s no problem for the T34/85.