Achtung panzer!

Don’t use Simple DOF.
Why is that guy humping the cannon?
The guy on far left…that must hurt.
The guy right next to him, Why is he sticking out his ass so much?

AND…They are all too relaxed, even though they’re right in the middle of all of that shit.

The posing is pretty horrid, work on that.

Nobody sits on top of the stabilizer legs, never did and never do.
The people next to the cannon are standing too close to the tube and almost on the other side of the shield.

The officer on the right would probably get a severe concussion after few shells and none of the others would be able to shoot because of the pressure and all the sand and smoke flying around.

That shell’s gonna fly above the russians’ heads.

Well im not an antitnk expert but yes they do sit on them beacause the recoil of this type of gun is minium. only the “pipe” moves.

( few samples what I looked )

jeah I got to work on the posing

well they look like theyre simply picking up a gun and shooting…bam

not sure but the gun in the picture is a LeFH18 which is an arty gun. The recoil must be way bigger then PaK 40

what models/map

the map is saintemariedumont from RnL. The models are from WaW but custom skinned ( still working on them )

Guy on the bottom left looks like he’s about to stick his gun up some place :3