Acid Grenade Launcher

YOU NEED EP2 or els you’ll shoot ERRORS.

This is a AcidGrenadeLauncher which launches the Antlion Worker’s acid spit out everywhere.

Based heavily upon sippeangelo’s Flechette Grenade.
thanks to AlfieR for the Acid grenade.

Download link & screen shots:

this is my first weapon

Looks cool, if this is your FIRST swep its pretty good.

I’m going to take a guess that most of the code is lifted from other people with some tiny tweaks.

not realy, exept it’s based upon some users Acid grenade. the rocket launcher codet by me.

sorry if i spelled wrong.

Reguardless of whether or not some of the code was infact lifted from other people, I think it looks pretty cool. It’s cool to learn from other people’s code, good job and keep learning!

ty, i’m working now on this weapon (upgrading it) and all try to fix that Lua Error.

-_- dang


Other than that, this is actually a pretty fun swep, and useful to clear any survivors of an NPCvNPC/NPCvPlayer battle. Nice job.


Uhh… looks just like the rest of 5-sec sweps: spamms acid instead of bullets + the fact that you modified the code from another swep.(?)


Doesn’t look so special anyways.

v2: date 3/15/10

You practically just changed the modelpath and act like you did something?

i’m serious it’s my RPG

Uh, no. That would be Valve’s RPG. You just took their model and coded it to fire another users SWEP a certain distance.

No shit.

He keeps saying “Its his RPG”.

Well DA!, the model belongs to Valve.
Acid Grenade Belongs to some AlfieR User.

in V2: when i press some key like “R”, it will change to A Flechette Grenade

Then why do you claim that the RPG is yours? What did you do to make it yours?