Ack gmod 10???!!!

I bought it on steam and it gave me 9 D<

No it didn’t.
Go buy it, you fucking pirate.

Lolwut. YES IT DID When i load it it says GMOD 9 at the top.

Take a screenshot of your Steam “My Games” list and I’ll believe you.

Kay. W/f/e

and now give a pic of your menu (GMod 9).

The reason no one really believes this is because Garry has thrown away GMod 9, and it is no longer on Steam (there is a page, but it doesn’t have any download links)

or even


If only you guys saw me laughing at this thread

obvious troll is obvious.

guys! shh!

it is fun entertaining trolls, giving them shit “advice,” and watching them get pissed that no one is “really helping”

Delete system32.

Lol okay how about

Ugh, why does stupid keep getting deeper and deeper? Why can’t genius be limitless, too?

that’s good when subtlety gets boring :smiley:

Try buying it again, only bundled with CS:S
runs away giggling

Well you are an idiot then