ACP - Admin Control Panel


It’s my first UI addon so don’t be strong :slight_smile:
I have in plans to improve it by adding limits sheet and connecting it to data base.

What is it?
This is a simple admin mod with many useful functions that will allow you to control your Garry’s mod server with any gamemode.

With which gamemodes it works?
With every gamemode.

How it opens?
Type in the chat “%acp”

Do I need to install a ULX for perfect work?
No! It works without ULX libary.

How I add/remove admins and superadmins?
It based on users.txt that you will find in garrysmod/settings/users.txt there you are able to add or remove users from accessing to ACP. It’s easy and safe.
For full info visit this page:

Who can access it?
Users that wrote in the users.txt as admins or superadmins.

Can I add/remove user from admin in the game?
Yes and no. If your a superadmin you can by user list remove/add users from admin/superadmin groups but after the restart they will be set again. So, note that you have to remove/add them by users.txt

Nice addon, if I might make a suggestion though…could you make the UI a little less…bland :slight_smile:

More lighter color?

Could probably bump up the font size a bit on some of those buttons, and in the player menu you could categorize the various buttons by function (Administrative, Fun, Utility, etc…)

Nice looking otherwise!

I take this as a note

Made minor update by adding new settings sheet and changing a bit the color