ACR-2 aka Keltec RFB

There is this model in Soldier of Fortune 3 - Payback called the ACR-2 but also known as Keltec RFB
This is a really nice sniper, but when I rip it with 3dripperdx, and open the model + texture, the texture is messed up, it isn’t on the right possition I think
Well I know its DOable to fix this but I don’t remember how… (remember?)Well yes I’ve done this before with the RPG

So if anyone would like to help me out I would realllllllly apreciate this
Or you can rip it from sof3 and try it , or I can send you the model + texture and you can try it out

I’ve tried the Channel Info in 3dsmax but don’t think this works, I tried Unwrap UVW (but I ain’t good at that)

Ok the model that I’ve got

When I apply the image

Thanks in Advance !

I don’t think it’s that hard to do, and if anyone could tell me if I should use flatten, normal mapping or the other one and which numbers , it would be helpfull 2

sorry to rez an old old thread, but has any one had a successful RFB port into hl2/ css /garrysmod? I have looked everywhere and this seems to be the closest any one has got.

If no one has than I would like to possibly re-bring up the request for an RFB for CSS or garrysmod.

edit: Also if it helps I’ve read that the new-ish game “the darkness 2” also has a RFB in it. But the SOF3 version might be easier to port.

Instead of reviving an almost 3 year old thread, you should consider making a new one in place of bumping a dead thread.