ACR Redone (Without lua errors and has working sights)

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Stop making shit threads about shitty sweps. This section is for models and skins.

Handy hint: don’t post a new thread when you redo something unless the old thread is more than a week old and dead. Preferably, use the old one regardless of age.

As far as the SWEP goes, something still seems off about the flash, but it looks like it’s staying where it should for the most part. Really there’s nothing to say… it’s a pretty bog standard MW2 SWEP and just shooting it randomly at the ground and reloading doesn’t demonstrate much. How accurate is it? Does stance affect that? Does it have any kind of ballistics model, or is it just (s)hitscan? Does it have its own unique ammo class? Does it penetrate or ricochet?

I’ll do that, thanks.

I’ll take that hint, thanks. Accurate? Not very, but it can kill. And the stance doesn’t affect it. I do not think it has a ballistics model. And no, it does not have a ballistic model. I am currently working on penetration.

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Disregard. Automerge broken.