Act Command in TTT

I am aware that the act command has been removed from TTT in a past update, but I would like to reenable it because I want to add a SWEP that allows the players to dance. I have seen this thread where a hook is suggested to bypass the prevention. I tried adding this hook to my server’s autorun and I did not meet success. Also I tried removing the function preventing the actions from the player.lua of the gamemode and was still unable to use an act command in game. Anyone have any solutions or suggestions of what to try?

Code preventing action that I am aware of
function GM:PlayerShouldTaunt(ply, actid)
– Disable taunts, we don’t have a system for them (camera freezing etc).
– Mods/plugins that add such a system should override this.
return false

Suggested hook
hook.Add(“PlayerShouldTaunt”, “ReenableTaunts”, function() return true end)

The SWEP calls the player to dance with
self.Owner:SendLua(“RunConsoleCommand(‘act’, ‘dance’)”)