ACT Command

The ACT Command is Built-in Garry’s Mod right? Or is LUA? I was wondering if there is anyother way to Activate this Command without using Console like with lua.

Example: Player:DoAct(“muscle”)

I’m not sure about that, but you could do:

 ply:ConCommand("act muscle")

No Man, i’m talking about NOT use console command ACT, but a LUA Function that trigger that command.

i Tried

ply:AnimRestartGesture(GESTURE_SLOT_CUSTOM, act, true)

It works but don’t show third person camera and it breaks if player do anything else.

You won’t believe, but

 ply:ConCommand("act muscle")

actually triggers the command.

Common man, I know that does that. But i’m saying about Emulate that command using a LUA Function not a Run Command act muscle.

Like: ply:AnimRestartGesture(GESTURE_SLOT_CUSTOM, act, true) but with Thrid camera and without stoping util the animation ends.

I am unusual man, you are wrong.

Anyway, read this:
The taunts & gestures section.

I already read this.

What i’m saying i want a way to do the act command without the act command Got it?

To control the animation Length, Loops and Etc.


ply:AnimRestartGesture(GESTURE_SLOT_CUSTOM, act, true)

Works OK, but it don’t trigger the Third Camera and it stops if i say something on Microfone.

A way to Emulate the ACT Command without using it.

Sorry, didn’t see the post above^

The Third Person camera is separate to this animation, you would need to script it in with it.

You are so naive. Obviously it won’t trigger Third person cam, you must script it to do so. And the microphone uses GESTURE_SLOT_CUSTOM as well I believe, so you need to use another slot, or block the mic animation somehow. And you can’t actually control length of an animation.

Why do you not want to use the console command if that solution works fine?

Because i want loop a Gesture, if i keep running ply:ConCommand(“act muscle”) it will stop and start again, i want loop the act without it stoping but with ply:ConCommand(“act muscle”) it cannot be done.