act commands in TTT?

A few updates ago badking removed the ability to use act commands in TTT. is there a way in the gamemode to edit that out, so you can use them? i want to make it so when the traitors win they all start dancing.

Look for something in the code what looks something like:


Tell me if you find any.

i have a lot of gamemode files to check. i’ll post here if i find one.

Is there a way to use GREP with an FTP client that I don’t know about?

No, this is not how it’s done

hmm. so do i search for that hook? would that lead me to the boolean value?

wait why don’t you just use grep on the gamemode files on your computer? Should (hopefully) be the same as the ones on the ftp

function GM:PlayerShouldTaunt(ply, actid)

terrortown/gamemode/player.lua 1121

because i don’t run linux

Even more specific, here’s the exact line of the TTT code preventing acts from playing.

To reenable them,
[lua]hook.Add(“PlayerShouldTaunt”, “ReenableTaunts”, function() return true end)[/lua]

yep, i found it and did it. thanks!