Action Bill+ extra!

Action bill riding a hunter!
Action bill jumping off a cliff WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

and the extra: nick loses it:

Comments & crits

really funny
but why’s nick crazy

Whoever rated texanderson Bad reading is an idiot.

You callin’ me an idiot, son?

it clearly says nick loses it.

im asking why he’s gone crazy
not whats he doing

He grabbed the wrong shot.

cause its the zombie apocalypse, he finally lost it.

=P action bill is my hero

there will be more! stay tuned!

Haha, I love the zombies stumbling after Bill in the second one(though it does look like Bill is walking on an invisible tight-rope).

now we need action ellis

take THAT fatty!

I know that blur is a little shitty but i’m don’t really know how to do good motion blur

That must hurt.

The one above is the original i don’t know which one I liked more so here’s both

=P that probably wasn’t a good idea the boomer would puke all over him

First took this for a bullshit thread, but these are actually pretty funny pics. Action Bill go. He-Man can go fuck himself:)

I almost expected something to do with the action bills in the Doll episode of ATHF.

Why is Bill floating?