This is one of my most professional GMOD movies to date. I used Photoshop for the very beginning. I’m a self-taught Sony Vegas Pro user (though that program really isn’t difficult to figure out if you know your ass from a shower drain). You may also notice in this movie that I used Henry’s Animation Tools beta 4! All in all, this movie turned out so well, that even DasBoSchitt said I’m a natural at movie making. ENJOY!

<iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=“” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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I loved the animations,Good job man.

Thanks dude UncleBourbon! Whoever likes this, please subscribe to my YouTube channel! I got way more to offer, and way more on the way.

That was actually, not bad.

Lol, it’s the comma in there that scared me. Made me think you didn’t like it.

I lost it when Gabe dove through the window. Nice job.

That was pretty awesome, I loved the animations.

Oh god

Wow! I am so happy everyone is enjoying it! I’ve been trying to spread it around the internet, and it’s not taking off just yet, but you guys are helping bigtime, I just four new subscribers in the last two hours. PLEASE KEEP IT UP, like it, sub it, gimme some love!

No offense, but I don’t sub to people who ask me too.

None taken! It’s not my place to try and force it down your throats, which I assure you I’m not intending. In the end I just want to make you laugh.


lmfao this was good, more people need to watch this


I love that kind of over the top total crazy humor.

that was nice , i like it

I’m curious, how long did it take for you to make this?

It took me about five days.

Nice work. :smile: