Action Movie City & Town Maps and Aftermath in SFM?

I was digging around the Workshop hoping for some ideas for a SFM project I had in mind. I came across this take on gm_construct, and it’s wonderful.

I was hoping that someone here in there spare time could make one city and one small town map reminiscent to action films such as The Avengers, Godzilla, Dark Knight Rises final showdown, and Bayformer fights in the cities and bring these maps to SFM. Along with that, let there be “aftermath” versions of these two maps with destroyed buildings, fire in some parts, debris on the streets, that sort of thing along with a night version. I’ve been odd to opt out Bigcity IMO since it’s got one medium area with nothing while the rest is just small spaces with buildings in between. I’m hoping someone could make a good map to be used in some good action SFM videos. :smiley:

Bump. Anyone?


Don’t make us use Bigcity…again.

Why don’t you use the L4D and L4D2 maps? They have a similar theme to the picture you posted, especially dead air.

There a reason you can’y use those in SFM?

I could use a L4D map, I was just wondering if it was possible for someone to make a unique map inspired by some recent action films. I haven’t taken a good look at the L4D maps, so I didn’t know what they matched the expectations I was looking for.

Last I heard, the L4D maps were broken due to SteamPipe.

I wouldn’t mind Dead Air in Gmod/SFM myself.

L4D1 BSPs work fine in SFM. L4D2 ones don’t.

You could try the maps from Double Action Boogaloo, but you’d have to decompile and recompile them, otherwise the cubemaps will be all messed up in SFM.