Action servers on gmod?

so im new to the gmod community a friend just gifted me gmod Yesterday : D

so im going to ask is there any action servers for gmod? dunno with a cool action gamemode or someting fun

Trouble in Terrorist Town. It’s Clue, but mostly a lot of DMing

i played TTT but it gets kinda boring after a while any oters?

I don’t think otters would improve TTT. It would still bore you.

Maybe adding a narwhal would make TTT less boring for you.

your right, the otters of a cow would not approve.

Noxiousnet zombie survival server, Blackops deathrun server.


Zombie Survival

RDM’ing on RP

I personally think zombie survival is most actiony of them all, but deathrun is more communicative.

Try PERP. It has raiding.

Try applejacks and there new experim3nt, it’s FUN!


Deathmatching on random Darkrp servers is fun.