Actioni contrariam semper et æqualem esse reactionem.

And what the fuck does that mean?


Nice picture btw.
I like how you changed the whole lighting.

You can see the love that was incorporated into this picture seeping out of every pore <3

Also if used as background on 1920x1080 monitors (which is what it was made for) the pavement perfectly aligns with the windows taskbar. Also looks good on 1280x1024 resolution monitors

Is it me,or you found combine models with SEPARATED FINGERS?

“That’s the Legionnaire’s motto and it’s latin for Action not words.”

Metrocops “look” like they have separated fingers, I’m sure he shopped it to look that way.

Nice picture guy. What’s the Latin mean?



Actually, it’s Newton’s Third Law.

im lovin the shadows man, good shit.

Only issue I see is the AA problem on the citizen’s fingers.

They are mainly the phong on the skin I think

Really nice. I like the high-contrast style.


Is that a spliff or a really long cigarette?

I see.

Very fitting.

The perspective looks wrong, like the combine is too small or something :confused:

I think that’s just an odd illusion, they’re at the same level

Original please.

It’s a stitch, let me grab you the one picture that looks closest to the focus on this picture


Here you go, it’s got colormod on.

Loving the colors and detail. Awesome work, keep it up.