Actions like opening boxes/doors has 1 sec delay, but not always


When I open boxes/doors/containers of any kind it is like 1 second delay, sometimes 2, sometimes it works perfect. It’s very random, and I have no network lag at all. I tried installing it on my other SSD aswell thinking that might have caused it but didn’t change. It worked fine for some days after I started playing it again but now I got the issue back.

So yeah, it feels like network lag but my connection is all fine.
if you need screenshots/logs/anything I will upload it to you guys, let me know if I was unclear and will try explaining better.

Please help, havnt found any results on this issue on google.


How do you know you have no network lag? This is exactly what happens if there is network or server lag.

I pinged google in cmd, no packet loss, stable ping (9ms). Also stable ping ingame 30ms to the different servers I tried(EU)

No lag in other games either. Tried Apex and Rocket League, everything is smooth.

Any other way I can check?

Try a different Rust server.

Ping the server you’re connected to.

Thanks for answers everyone, here’s an update from me.

So the delayed opening for boxes, doors etc is apparently the modem i am connected to, and it applies to only Rust in my experiense wich is superweird. Tried different cables etc, no difference, so I tried to share internet from my phone with usb cable and that fixed it, no more delay on opening boxes etc, tried new modem and now it’s fixed.

I also had a stuttering issue, wich i knew was something hardware related, apparently it was because of my mouse. Logitech Pro Wireless. Tried a wired one and no more stuttering. Tho there can be a setting for the mouse that might fix it.