Activated Game on Friends Steam Account By Accident Please Help

Hello, I was wondering if theirs anything I can do or get support for because I accidentally redeemed my rust CD key on my friends steam which was logged in at the time if theirs anyway I can get it disabled on his and then put it on the right account. I’m also able to provide proof or anything that is needed because I don’t want him to change his password and lose the game.

No it can’t be redeemed or get it transferred.

Is there anyway? I can provide proof of everthing:/

From what I’m aware. Once it’s on there. It’s permanent.

he specifically said dont make a mistake or your fucked.

If you’d actually taken the time to read the Steam key page on, you’d see that it warns you to be careful with your key, because if you screw up and misapply it or lose it, you’re out of luck.

Sorry, man. You’re a good friend, giving your buddy a copy of Rust like that.