Activating doors and such in Prop Hunt V2

Hello, I have set up a server with Prop Hunt V2 from scriptfodder


To me it was a revolutionizing version of prop hunt since it features real physics and looks much more professional.

I got but 1 problem Im going to take up right now.

In the standard prop hunt gamemode the props can trigger doors and stuff etc…

For example. Automatic sliding doors will open when a prop goes near it, just like it would react to a human.

In V2 however that is not the case, meaning that if example the prop spawns in a room in ph_restaurant, they are locked in there since the automatic door will not react to the prop.

Does anybody know a way to make doors likes these, activate upon props aswell? I have the props lua file and could add some functions there.

If I have left out required info in my post please let me know and I will try to fill it in.

Thanks :smiley: <3

This is the type of problem you should take up with the author of the Scriptfodder product

Hmm perhaps your right, I dont know if it is a problem he was suppose to fix. I don’t know if he would think “I never intented that so you gona have to code that yourself” or he might say “Since my product hasn’t been updated for 2 years Im not likely gona update it” or in best and rarest case “Oh how could I miss that I will work on it right away!”

That’s why Im asking here aswell, since he most liekely won’t give a f*** about my suggestions because he hasn’t updated it for 2 years.

But I will try your suggestion ofcourse thanks for your reply!

But it does not mean I don’t want any more help here. As I said he is most likely gona ignore my request.

If anyone can help me feel free