Activating steambrowser in lua ( gui.OpenURL in GMod12 )

Has that or anything like that been added back?

I’m in a real need for steam browser specific url directory.

It’s a huge hassle to require clients to have to log into their steam account and grab their activation key.
I was using DHTML when I came across this issue.

local DButton = vgui.Create(“DButton”, DFrame )
DButton:SetPos( 50, 230 )
DButton:SetSize( 150, 21 )
DButton:SetTextColor(Color(0, 0, 0, 255))
DButton.DoClick = function(ply)
That should work because it works for me.
EDIT: So yes it has been added back.

gui.OpenURL was put back in a recent update; why would you make a thread about this when you already knew the call to make and didn’t even test it before making this thread?

The only difference between gui.OpenURL in GM12 and GM13 is that now, if you don’t start the url with “http://”, it won’t do anything.

If I wanted a button/command that took you to another Gmod server (say we have two types and wanted people to easily swap between them), would I use gui.OpenURL and then steam://connect/ or would it be something else?

You put

RunConsoleCommand("connect", "SERVERIP")

somewhere in your cl_init.