Active administrators?

There is so many hackers online now i would suggest to get some active admins that can ban them because they are destroying the testing / playing of the game i was playing for a couple of hrs when a hacker blasted down my door killed me and my bed. I got no proof. But i got like 3 different names i would recommend to get some admins thnx.


Aww man dude, game in alpha I can imagine the amount of hackers and hacks that are in right now. Sounds like a terrible time to be in.

If you wana send me a beta-key i would love it :slight_smile:

(User was banned for this post ("dumb key begging" - postal))

Starting up Email Bomber.
Have fun.

People are so freaking ignorant. Seriously, if you think that we have beta keys (and we don’t unless you buy gold) then we wouldn’t give it to you over email. The only thing you will achieve by posting your email is a ton of spam and nothing else. You probably wanted a key and you thought to yourself “Hmm maybe someone is nice enough to send me a key if I post my Email. I am sure nobody else has done it”.
Alot of people do it, alot.

I wish the mods could refuse to let people post a sentence containing the word “send” “beta” and “key” together.

Just caught QueCast hacking, going to upload it to youtube. Ironic, right?

Video is private.

Quescast,how ironic,you’re the hacker.Quite a lot of people had reported you.

Yeah! It’s like being proud of finishing Age of Empires II with Aegis/RobinHood :smiley: