Actor For Machinima Movies

Do you need an actor for a machinima movie? I will be the one for you. I have HL2 and HL2:DM, as well as CounterStrike: Source, so all of those maps will be on my Gmod maps area. I am talented at direction, as well as acting. I can download anything you need me to. I don’t do voice acting though. So in case you want to use me as a player, I can be one.

Skills and abilities:

-Great at acting
-good at directing
-can download anything
-smart mind
-GREAT builder/scene creator
So, do you need me?

Please comment. Also, you can reach me at, from there on we will talk about the machinima through steam.

Thank you, Cjmax


If you want me to show you some pictures of what I can build, just ask. Please include what you want (Like a zombie massacre or a combine outlook team)

Here is a link to one of my builds/screenshots. As you may see the film grain is way over-exaggerated, I am working on SFX though. In this picture, it seems to have NPC’S but there aren’t any, so that just makes me happier.

Do you have tf2?

any proof on that? machinma or sounds files to show us?

Show us your voice.

Guys, I don’t want to show you my voice. >.< I suck at voice acting, unless your 13. Sorry I am 13. But I do act well, and I am not immature.

Heres a sample of some machinima I wrote.


-Dr.James Rennoth (Scientist at Fary High) [SHORT: Dr.James]
-Roman King (Student at Fary High) [ SHORT: Roman]
-Gage Uteger (Teacher) [SHORT: Gage]
-Red Kyle (Principal) [SHORT Mr.Kyle]

Dr.James - “This behavior is cirtianly unacceptable! I advise, Mr.Kyle, that you put him two weeks detention!”

Roman - “Jesus christ, stop being so hard Rennoth. You already have a science tube up your ***.”

{A pause as the principal and Dr.James just stare at eachother}

Mr.Kyle - Erhmm… yes, Dr.James, that sounds good to m-
(cutting off Mr.Kyle) Roman - Do whatever you want! When I am 20 and you two old bags are dead, I can dance on your grave!

(Gage walks in) Erehm, I knew it was you Roman. Quiet down! We are testing down the hall! Sorry, Mr.Kyle.


Thanks, Cjmax

:s this isnt really that great. sorry…

Yes, I know, but hey, I came up with it in only half a minute, just to post something.

comeing up with a 5 lined script in 30 secs isnt skilled. sry, i dont mean to be harsh its just i think you should show some vids. other people reading ur scripts isnt great cause we all interprit the lines differntly.

Yes, I understand. And no, you aren’t harsh. I haven’t been in a movie really, unless its a movie that is completely un-serious with me just jumping around. I will do some voice acting, possibly if I get steam recorder to work.

Thank you for your responses,