Actor X (import)

ok so i have SAW the game and im trying to port the weapons , i have them in .psk format so my friend gave me a link for this , but when i try to import the .psk it always says “ERROR: bad chunk header: “ACTR HEAD” expected but the “Unreal Model Viewer” found”. any ideas how to get past this, then after this pop up this comes up: error loading file

refrance :

Export it as md5mesh

? im trying to import it unless you mean export it from umodel like that?

ok so i tried it as md5 but it failed my friend tried psk an it worked :s

ok update : i have figured out that u model is exporting it at 3kb so CH_Amanda witch is like 10,000kb will be exported at 3kb so any ideas how i can get the exporter working properly ?

I use milkshape because it has a build-in importer for the .psk and it works, if it work with brothers in arms, I think it will work with SAW.

hmm but is their a trail version or is it free?

There is a trial for 30 days with all the function.

alright i’ll give it a try but i think it may be the umodel exporter