Actors Acting

** Actors Acting out the Actions of other Actors**

While the audience looks more like an army of zombies than anything else.

That guy just doesn’t know what to do with his hands.

=D Seems we have another actor here. I’m guilty of doing weird shit with my hands sometimes when I’m trying to do a scene.

Didn’t think anyone would catch that.

Do i see gman? or is it my eye’s?

What’s up with the black stench on the left guy’s arm?

I’m fairly certain it’s his buttons, but it may be a mistaken brushstroke I didn’t notice. And yeah, Gman’s watching the show.

Lighting is good and look at the Gman.

Fix the damn black brushstroke, it’s making my OCD flip out.

I wish I could have a pet O.C.D.

Wait, you can smell the picture now?

Maybe I should switch browsers…

Oh flop . Does “spot” sound better? I have no idea.

Wait I remember now I meant to say stain. “Stench : something smelly.” Ugh.

Just took another look at this (yeah, late, I know) and it’s not a stray brushstroke, that’s actually the model.

Not sure why that matters, but whatever.