Actors Addon - Use Nextbot as actors for your scenes !

Hello guys ! This is my first real addon.[/t]

The Actors Addon allows video creation using the Garry’s Mod’s NextBot system, with it it’s possible to use a NPC/Player Model or a workshop model as an Actor

Some nice samples of what it can do:


Download here:

Official Guide:

Video Tutorial: (with english subtitles)

If you decompile it with GMAD and find some inconsistencies in the code or some part that can be optimized, please let me know !!
Hope you like it and please, leave you comment and support on the workshop page !

This actually looks (and is) pretty cool! Nice work, it’s also very original compared to most stuff released now.

Thanks PaX ! Hoping to see gmod videos with the help of this addon xD