Actors and helpers Needed!


I can edit.

Edit: I added you.

Are you like, the ideas guy?

Sounds like it.

god damn faolco1…hahahahaha

Sounds like a guy who has a mediocre idea that’s been milked beyond belief in countless movies, and books, people get lost, uncover a evil plot. Also wants other people to do it and will take credit, as the other team members do the work, OR you all film it into one night.
Working with people only works with a group of experienced friends in this field, going on a forum asking for help only draws in people who have the illusion they’re good, or has what it takes to put in hours of time to make a movie.
Really people need to stop posting these threads in this section, and stop posting videos made in 5 minutes of someone humping a model

I fucking hate that.

lol, I deliver all teh time

I am sorry, but I see no future for you if you need someone to record and edit YOUR movie.

Not to be an asshole but…

yeah, seriously, I fully agree with DMGaina. at least get a freaking 30 trial of adobe premiere pro and learn the tricks of the trade before you freaking make suckers buy in to your subpar generic movie idea.

Also, what DMGaina always says, make a movie with friends first or get to know the people you are going to film with first and have a mutual relationship with the other members or all hell will break lose.

Flaming Spade Films is great for us because we fuck around on whitehawk’s server and have fun when we dont film, so we have a strong relationship with one another and have all the resources needed.

Also, what you want to do to have good story lines is to have a note book and write down idea when the come to you as well as get away from the distractions of the computer


I never wanted anyone to edit the movie, just act in it
Anyway, who cares what DMgaina thinks? He’s an asshole

You can disagree as much you want I’m sticking to my point

You’re acting quite immature here my friend.

You should learn to handle criticism.

Have a friendly, you broke my heart.

You are too for telling me to go fuck myself in the OP.

I oughta have a mind to call your parents and put you in detention for a week.

No, he’s right. You are an asshole. I have people edit my Machinimas because i don’t want to FUCKING LEARN EVERYTHING. My source knowledge is suffecient and i’m also lazy and a narcissist. But ghebus DMGainia is an arse.

Edit: Have friends do movies with you first? What? My friends are all incompetent gamers. They don’t have the knowledge needed to make machinima. Decent Machinima mind you. So that just doesn’t hold water. Moron.

Edit, Again: If a mod sees this and bans me. Just don’t. As you can see i already have serveral accounts.

Well then you are just too fucking dumb to learn.

Why walking when mom can carry you around?

Well then get friends that have knowledge to make machinima instead of just “ok i’m looking for a bunch of smart people to do everything for me”

or just do it your self and get better. iv been making machinima for 5 months now and I am just starting to make it with friends online.

I starting like this-

and now I am at the this point and still getting better-

So, you have more experience until you are able to make a good movie with multiple people so you dont have to be depended on them to make the movie for you.

Get the fuck out. If your too lazy to do it yourself, don’t even bother with machinima.

I agree with you, and what you’re saying but I never said I was too lazy to do it. When I meant edit, I didn’t mean everything, I just meant to add a few cool effects or something
I did this machinima on my own:

And what have you guys done? You’ve just shat all over me. So I hate all these big-shot machinima makers, who have made brilliant and perfectly made machinimas, who think they can just shit all over the begginers, just because their machinimas were better.

And when you say “You can’t handle critism” That’s fair, but I want constructive critism, not some asshole who comes into a thread and says “Too long, too boring” I want some fucking advice on how the video could be better, not just random shit that I’ve already been told 500 fucking times

Well you have to accept if I say that I see no future in your movies IF you let someone else record your stuff and edit it. You have to think about what I said here, I never said that all you stuff sucks and you are an incompetent moron.

I just said IF you go that way you want to go, then there is no big future for you. I always try to help others as good as I can, but if I read that someone needs so many people and does nothing for his own work, then I don’t see much hope in your projects.

I am just honest.

Learn to do that by yourself, ALL machinimamakers started with laggy mindows movie maker movies, they learned by theirselfes and gained expirience, and that’s what you should do.

You can’t ask just others to do YOUR work.

Nobody tried to insult you here, YOU were the one who called me an asshole, and YOU were the one telling everyone to fuck themselves.

We never did that!