Actors, Faceposers, Server Hosters and Voices Needed For Borderline Films!

We are a new filming group that needs some help! We need people that can do the things listed above, so we can make our new movie more epic. Our videos aren’t the best, but with the help, we can RISE ABOVE!

Here’s a link to the group:
And here’s a link to the profile with our first 3 videos on it (no haters man, we just started):

What’s the difference between actors and voices?

are you liek, the ideas guy

i was waiting for you to say that, wat took you soo long!? lol

Actors run around on the server and voiceactors speak for characters in the movie.

Actors run around and voice actors don’t.


Hi there!

Meh… I really see no difference between youse’ guys and the 50 other groups trying to get into srs machinima.

I can help you, if you can help me too with my movie… my you tube is Lasthope703.

Hey guys, we have potential! I know the first few films were a bit non-lol-ish, but with new members, bringing in fresh ideas and new skills, we’ll rise up! (Yeah, that did sound a bit weird…)

I am all rant out to rant about new groups… faolco I need some help here…
Ill sum this up quickly… and maybe faolco can extend the concept.

YOU ARE BRAND NEW! COOL! your videos have potential! you didn’t Post your first video, and your first video isn’t shit… BUT YOU STILL NEW you need to LEARN so… here’s what you should do, learn to edit more, experiment, get GOOD yes GOOD very GOOD then make a group in a year from now WITH OUT that’s right WITH OUT posting on facepunch, start it with a friend, DMGaina should lead the rant on starting a group with friends…

this should be locked on the top of the tread section for all eyes to view.

Hes 100% correct in the fact that you cant fucking start off sucking ass and think that 5 other people that suck ass will make it better.

Machinima is a craft, and like many other craftsmen, all ranging vastly in their craft, you must gain experience to gain knowledge. BITCH… :smiley:

(the video section is the most critical BTW, because we don’t want to waste time)

I can do all except server hosting.

I just watched one of his videos on Youtube, he sounds like he is 12.

Ill be an actorrrrrrrr!