acts command like in TTT

How to make in LUA act commands that would not stop the movement of the player and does not take the camera?

I’m not sure what the hook is, but you can add ply:Freeze(true) into the hook that gets called whenever players run the act command.

bobbleheadbob, not works :frowning:

Oh you want something that DOESN’T stop them?
Let me look it up in the TTT Code and get back to you.

Ok the hook
look like your best bet.

I looked up starttaunt, which gave me this:
Name: gamemode:PlayerStartTaunt( ply, actid, length )
function GM:PlayerStartTaunt( ply, actid, length )


So I assume ply is player, actid is the ACT_ enumeration, found here.

I’m not sure where to go from there. I’d check to see if your gamemode is based off sandbox. I think sandbox makes it go into third person.

Love you <3 :smiley:

hook.Add( “PlayerShouldTaunt”, “Act Command”, function( ply )
return false
end )