Actual fall damage?

Well, When I make an NPC fall from a 10 foot cliff, it would be cool to see it take realistic damage
or 100 foot cliff and so on

Can anyone implement this?

Thanks in advance :v:

Download that.

here are the commands, rcon mp_falldamage 1 or rcon mp_falldamage 0.5 I myself, use 0.5

Whats the point in getting an addon and setting it yourself?

[lua]function MPFallDamage( ply, vel )
if GetConVarNumber( “mp_falldamage” ) == 1 then
vel = vel - 580
return vel*(100/(1024-580))
hook.Add( “GetFallDamage”, “MPFallDamage”, MPFallDamage )[/lua]

I hate setting things myself.

Turn it on with mp_falldamage 1 in the console.

I found a fall fix thingy where there is no settings, and it’s pretty realistic.

Now on to npc fall damage :science: