Actual Portal Turret

Yes, there may be countless others (?) on, but I was wondering if there was an actual, working, talking Portal Turret. One that would have its laser turn off when it fails and it speaks like normal. Have any of you seen one anywhere?

Here you go:

But the stupid thing is that THAT turret isn’t named “npc_portal_turret_floor”

…and why does it need to be?

The stupid thing is that Silverlan knows what he is doing and you should shut up.

This, its a fantastic piece of work…search mode activated!

Should be named npc_portal_turret_floor for when you play Portal maps, if I’m not mistaken. Black Ops’ is named that, except it just has HL2 turret sounds.

ETA: It seems I can’t find it. Oh well, I’ll try again after an eventual re-install of GMod.

You can manually name the entity yourself, you need to change the entities folders name, and it will change in game, if I’m wrong, you have to change other things too.

SRSLY? It’s that easy? Where would I find this under? NPCS?

ETA: Wait, it looks like it needs this SLV Base thing. I want to know what it is. The site doesn’t provide info.

EATA: Okay, yes, that was exactly what I needed. Works excellently. Thanks.