ACTUAL zombie survival.

Yes I do realize we already have zombie survival but Its not much of survival as much as it is “Hide in a corner and get uber wepz”

I’m talking like a full on Huge map with I’d say max of 8 ACTUAL people and then lots of npcs. Imagine a Multiplayer Fallout 3 with zombies. You would start with a very basic weapon such as baseball bat or shovel or other thing based on the questions you answer. You will have a skill tree type deal where you put points into str, dex, int, end.

Strength= You can use bigger weapons, Hold more, Lift debre. Dexterity = Your faster, better at accuracy with firearms, you can lockpick higher level locks, you can get over certian obsticles. Intelegence = Better scavenging, You can make better quality weapons, You can also make gadgets. Endurance = Run further, Jump higher, in general do more before your fatigue goes down.

I wish for it to be like survival where you need
A) Rest
B) Food
C) Health
D) Water

You can construct barracades and shelters. You will have to scavenge to find guns or parts to guns to make a complete gun. Ammo will be scarse so you will need to be carefull on how you use it.

How game would be. 8 players will be set on random locations throughout the map and all talk is OFF, You can only talk to someone you are near proximity. You can trade as well as kill each other but doing so will cause you to loose health and 2 skill points from a random skill. There will be lots and LOTS of zombies on the map looking to kill you. There will be objectives per player. Game will end when there is one or no players remaining. Feel free to add your ideas onto this.

Note: I am not making this gamemode this is just a suggestion to any person who wants to use this.

Everything you said is basically TacoScript with Zombie Survival theme.

Sounds fun, but I’m sure there are already some shitty incomplete and abandoned gamemodes out there like this.

Pray tell me what these unfinished GM’s are…

Im also interested in making a PERSISTANT Zombie Survival (with hints if RP) in big city and/or multimap environment - a simple GM with the following additions

BigCity map with ~ 10-15 enterable/zoneable interiors (or multiple urban area themed maps)
Loot nodes and/or search areas
Zombie spawns (with AI so they don’t group up, so they wander or stick around certain places)
Survivors Stronghold (main social hub) with outposts (for resupply etc.)
Npc trader or a trade system/market place function
Trigger-able crescendo effects
Class/job with a function maybe (like dead frontier farmers make food etc.)

Necropolis anyone?

This would be awesome for some of us, but not all of us. All of us being the people with sub-par computers who could never handle something like this. I like the idea though.

(i am a some of us)

Nah, you misunderstand…

Whats the point if its not your own by word or by deed?

Necropolis is not what theme we are gunning for, think more 28 days later, surviving anyway they can with no help from any other (fictional) sources.

this sounds uncannily like my gamemode being comissioned by capsup, its going to have a leveling mechanic with full stats and skills such as construction that will allow you to make more useful props from resources, oh yeah did i mentioned that it will more than likely have full crafting?

The zombie survival games are great, people just don’t play them right. Everyone will always be more inclined to camping.

Like this idea. Sounds very enjoyable minus the fact that you’d want to go with buildings in a city you can get in to, but, huge map with tons of props will likely equal lots of lag.

What else…

Oh, as for talk… you should have to talk buttons, one to shout (alerts zombies) and one to talk normal. or a button to toggle whisper/shout/normal.