Actually reporting and getting cheaters banned? (NOT VAC)

Hey guys, i have recorded video proof of numerous cheaters, together with their steam id logged.
The thing is (VAC) will never ban based on reports(Wich is weird, why are they so confident? their anti cheat isnt that great), i was wondering if there is any other way to get them perm banned with video proof?

Im getting really tired of hackers ruining the game.

No there is not. Be patient.

Why can’t people get banned based off of their amount of reports? “OMG x person tottally hacks because hes a better player then us lets all report him guise!!!”.

In the case of reviewing evidence for bans and the like, valve simply doesn’t have enough manpower to review thousands and thousands of daily reports.

Be patient? They will never get banned. i GUARANTEE it.
Ive played enough games and know that anybody who uses a paid hack rarely gets banned

Yeah except the 5000 or so that got banned last time Facepunch did an update relevant to detecting cheats.

yeh people are getting banned

the best bans are when people buy the game and buy the hack both for like 50-60$ and get banned within 1 hour of playing then come here whining